Milkpowder a difficult filling product

Dried milk powder is a rather difficult filling product.

It can - depending on formula, fat content, drying method, granulation and density rate - show very different filling properties.

Even the same product can - according to manufacturing conditions - possibly show variable properties. Great experience is necessary to construct lines that are able to fill milk powder clean, accurate and effi cient.

INDOSA TR2 filling systemmachines have been specially developed for the different properties of milk powder. Behind this filling system is all technology in order to fill the various kinds of milk powder very accurate, dust-free and quickly.

Simple operation and high performance

After a unique basic adjustment of the requested parameters to the various filling products, the requested fi lling as per product, weight, tolerance, etc. can be retrieved at any time via a video display. The machine then calculates the respective adjustments itself from the parameters and permanently automatically optimizes during the current fillings.

Changes of the conditions as differences in bulk material (piled weight, flow rate) or in the environment (temperature, air humidity) are recognized automatically and corrected accordingly. INDOSA TR2 filling machines do have integrated unique automatic optimizing processes in order to adjust to the permanently changing fi lling conditions, and this not only for accuracy and tolerances, but also for the capacity.

Filling line - Milkpowder & Baby-Food

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