DIRu 100 / DIRu 127

Cleaning system for empty cans and glass jars


Cleaning system layout executions

above: U-Turn 180°
left: straight execution

Cleaning system for empty cans and glass jars

  • Two turning devices
  • Can cleaning with open side down
  • Can spinning by side conveyor during cleaning
  • Two blow nozzles for continuous and intermitted stream
  • Compressed air - conditioned to food safe air
  • Ionisation of the air (to prevent electrostatic charge)
  • Can stabilisation and guiding during the strong blowing
  • Speed control by gear box for can conveyor
  • Adaption for can size and volumes
  • Separate vacuum cleaner system with filters
  • Vacuum cleaner system in stainless steel
  • Independent Control for automatic programs
  • Connection and analysis to Indosa Master Control System


DIRu 100 / DIRu 127 - Can cleaning

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