Fillers and seamers -  semi automatic

Can seamer for tin cans ans composite cans with metal ends
Seamingoftin lids)

Place can with applied lid on base plate. Than place the can under lid dispensing station. A lid is destacked and placed on the can. By pressing the start button (two hand control) the seaming automatism is realeased. Remove seamed can - finished!

INDOSA TR2 - auger drive with weight control
This filling system is the result of decades of development and a great experience in the manufacture of filling lines. It grew out of the practice with filling of simple to very difficult products, under good and extreme filling conditions.

In accordance with the traditional INDOSA modular construction system everything - from the simple hand filling machine to the automatic packaging machine with integrated weight control and record printout - can be put together with compatible standard modules as per the customer’s needs.

Fillers and seamers (semi-automatic) - Products

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