INDOSA - Tradition and Innovation

Big projects need perfection - in every small detail!

Since the foundation by Hermann Grabher senior in 1936, the company has been owned exclusively by family members. Nowadays the management lies in the experienced hands of the main shareholder and Chairman Werner Grabher. INDOSA has been manufacturing can seaming machines from its very beginning in the mid thirties. The present production programme is the logical result of consequent development.

A well organized company structure guarantees perfect quality, constant development through research resulting from experience. Even for machines delivered decades ago, service and spare parts are problem-free guaranteed all over the world.

The individual needs of the international clientele and the continuously changing requirements with regard to packagings made us strong. Strong both in searching as well as in finding solutions.

INDOSA is known world-wide for its reliable machines and production lines, appreciated for the typical neat „INDOSA design“ and proved by the high quality workmanship.
In over 70 countries around the world.

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