Equipment for production of
composite cans with
tear-off membrane

Seam your composite cans with environmentally friendly cardboard bottoms!

Why cardboard bottoms on Composite Cans as per INDOSA’s ecological system?

Due to an increasingly new understanding for the protection of the environment more and more prescriptions as well as laws are enacted. The „packagings“ are in an exposed position and become a real target. Entire industrial branches get under pressure - not only the packaging industry, but also the manufacturers and fillers of consumer goods, particularly of food stuffs, pharmaceutical products, etc. As a matter of fact new ways in the packaging field have to be searched!

Requirements absolutely to be met by new packagings:

  • Manufacture from natural raw materials with an optimal total balance in terms of ecology
  • Environment protecting and economical manufacture
  • Easy and reasonably priced recycling and waste disposal respectively


Composite cans with rip-off membranes - Products

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