INDOSA CTC-100 / CTC-131

Can top cleaning system for closed cans

Contamination between easy opening system and overcap on cans can be dangerous!

Degenerate products and waste which stays up to the opening time between the easy open lid and the reclosing lid could create a serious dangerous contamination into the clean material, wile opening the easy open lid. Due to this problems INDOSA constructed a new machine to clean the particular place on the can just before capping.

Technical process

The can moves on a conveyor and at the same time an other belt spins the can around. The can will be brushed on the inner side of the lid by different hard brushes. To assist the mechanical cleaning, two channels blow ionised air in a guided stream onto the spinning can. The brushes are in a special case with a dust remover for continuous cleaning. This is a perfect machine to complete a canning line for baby food and other similar sensitive products which can not be missed!

INDOSA CTC-100/CTC-131 - Can cleaning

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