INDOSA T 126 / T 126 D (with lid destacker)

Modern semi-automatic seaming machine for preserve, tin and composite cans

Technical advantages

  • Modern, neat machine, mainly made of stainless steel and anodized hard aluminium
  • Solid, maintance-free constuction with lifetime lubricated, sealed bearings
  • Perfectly suitable for continuous industry use
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Automaticlly controlled operating sequence
  • Adjustment of can height by hand lever
  • Efortless working thanks to pneumatic operation
  • Chucking and unclamping with non-rotating can by stop motor
  • Easy changover to other can diameters by simple and fast exchanging of format parts



Production rate:up to 1200 cans/hour
Can diameter:56-131 mm
Can height:20 - 340 mm
Power supply:0,5 kW
Compressed air:5 bar
Suction capacity:<34 l/cycle
Weightappr. 130 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH):850 x 800 x 1500 mm


Operating Sequence

  • Place can with applied lid on base plate (INDOSA T 126)
  • Place can under lid dispensing station. A lid is destacked and placed on the can automatically (INDOSA T 126 D)
  • By pressing the start button (two hand control) the seaming automatism is realeased
  • Remove seamed can

INDOSA T126 / T16D ( (with lid destacker) - Can fillers with manual can set-up

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