Modular, flexible dosing- and filling system

This filling system is the result of decades of development and a great experience in the manufacture of filing lines. It grew out of the practice with filling of simple to very difficult products, under good and extreme filling conditions.

In accordance with the traditional INDOSA modular construction system everything - from the simple hand filling machine to the automatic packaging machine with integrated weight control and record printout - can be put together with compatible standard modules as per the customer’s needs.

The core module serves as basic machine and includes all elements enabling to fill: vertical dosing auger with drive, agitator with variable speed drive, hopper, product feeding connections, outlet connection pieces, control and stand with connection flange for the mounting on a respective substructure, depending on the degree of automation required.

The equipment of the basic machine is adapted to the relevant products, the filling volume, desired accuracy and capacity as well as to the various other requirements of the customer. There are many different sizes and pitches of augers with corresponding outlet connection pieces, congestion washers, cut-off flaps, dust removing devices, etc.


The dosing machines can work according to different principles, depending on the requirements:

  • Dosing with high-accuracy AC-servo drive, with control for data processing of an integrated or succeeding check weighing system.
  • Dosing and/or weighing directly into the packaging with automatic switch over to taring, dosing, vibrating, weighing and check weighing, as per requirement.
  • Weighing into a weighing container in the net range by directly controlling the auger drive with weight control prior to filling.

According to the degree of automation the dosing machines can be mounted on a stand or built into a table for semi-automatic filling. For higher capacities one or several dosing machines can bebuilt into a fully automatic machine for filling or into a line for automatic filling, seaming, etc.

The product feeding into the hopper of the dosing machine can be carried out by different systems, e.g. with a directly built-on hopper funnel or a horizontal feeding auger with level control. For the mounting of adapted product feedings many standard parts such as flanges, clamping rings, funnels, tubes, telescope connections, etc. are available in the INDOSA delivery programme.

For dusty products effective dust collections are used at the outlet funnels. A complete dust removing system can be assorted for any particular case.

INDOSA TR2 - Can seamers with manual can set-up

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