INDOSA TS 100 / TS 131

Sealing machine for sealing of cardboard bottoms onto composite cans

Technical advantages

  • For round and rectangular cans
  • The handling is simple and safe
  • The can height can simply be adjusted by a hand lever
  • The sealing temperature is adjusted and maintained constant by thermostatically
  • The sealing chuck is heated with 6 ex changeable heating elements
  • The sealing time can be adjusted to a potentiometer
  • The spindle sleeve pressure and the sealing pressure are individually con trolled by a regulator



Can height:up to 340 mm
Can diameter:50-100 mm (TS100), 50-131 mm (TS131)
Electric power:2 kW
Compressed air:5 bar
Expanded air cons.:34 L/min.
Weight120 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH):850 x 600 x 1800 mm


Operating Sequence

  • Place can with applied lid on base plate
  • By pressing the start button (foot pedal or hand switch) the seaming automatism is released
  • Remove sealed can

INDOSA TS100 / TS 131 - Can fillers with manual can set-up

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