INDOSA TWIN-matic 100 M


Fully automatic line for manufacture and sealing of tear-off membranes onto composite cans

This line consists of a tear-off membrane sealing machine and a tear-off membrane manufacturing machine. The sealing machine’s work stations are equipped as double stations, resulting in a capacity of 100 cans per minute at 50 cycles per minute (advantages during the sealing process, etc.). The membrane manufacturing machine works with 100 punching strokes/min.
Both machines operate independently from each other and are synchronized by light barriers in the feeding canal for membranes.


Membrane manufacturing machine INDOSA MST 131

The tear-off membranes are manufactured on the membrane blanking and deep-drawing machine INDOSA MST/KST 131. The membrane band is directly taken from a material reel, blanked, deep-drawn and formed. Out of one reel of membrane material several thousand membranes can be manufactured. The blanked and deep-drawn tear-off membranes are carried to the INDOSA Twin-matic 100 M through an air cushion canal.

Sealing machine INDOSA TWIN-matic 100 M

The composite cans run through a conveyor into the revolving machine INDOSA Twin-matic 100M. As soon as 2 cans are detected, the indexing turret turns both cans in clockwise direction to the next double station. The following cans are held back during the rotation.
At the 1st work station the blanked and deepdrawn membranes are - coming from the blanking and deep-drawing machine through the air cushion canal - directly delivered to the cans.
At the 2nd work station the applied membranes are centered onto the cans and heatsealed. 
At the 3rd work station the plastic lids, which are coming from the sorting and feeding system INDOSA SF 184, are applied onto the composite cans.
Temperature, sealing time and sealing pressure can simply be adjusted to the respective material.

Connecting machines and lines

Out of the wide range of the INDOSA programme, filling machines, accumulation tables, conveyors, etc. can be supplied exactly according to the customer’s requirements.

INDOSA TWIN-matic 100 M und MST 131 - Blanking machine for tear-off membranes, cardboard lids…

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