INDOSA TWIN-matic 100M, MST131, SF 184

Membrane Line for Composite Cans

Revolving Machine
«INDOSA TWIN-matic 100M»

The INDOSA TWIN-matic double revolving machine consists of two stations for each operation. Two cans are transported and transformed at the same for each step. This distributation doubles the speed of the normal matic without forcing the process.

Membrane Blanking and Deep Drawing Machine

The «INDOSA MST» is an individual machine with a device to transfer the membranes to the revolving machine. The membranes and tearoff tabs are made out of aluminium foil which is dispensed from two reels respectively. The membrane is produced in the bianking and deep drawing tool. After deep drawing, the same tool cuts circumferential slits to produce the tear-off membrane. This last function can be cancelled to obtain a regular membrane.

Plastic Lids Transportation

The lid sorting and feeding equipment «SF 184» consists of a big hopper where the lids are stored, a steei plate apron conveyor to separate and transport the lids, a baffle plate to sort the lids, an outfeed canal with adjustable height and an air cushion transport canal or conveyor belt for the infeed into the revolving machine.


up to 100 cans/minute (for Ø 99 cans)

INDOSA Twin-matic 100M, MST131, SF 184 - Compact, approved equipment, tools with very high durability

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