INDOSA V 131 (V 200 / V 275)

Semiautomatic vacuum can seaming machine

for tin, aluminium and composite cans

Technical advantages

  • Modern, neat machine, mainly made of stainless steel and anodized hard aluminium.
  • Possibility of choosing various programs:
    - evacuating and seaming
    - evacuating, gassing and seaming
    - only seaming
  • Accurate electric measuring instuments, high definition
  • Simple adjustment of desired vacuum and gas parameters
  • Adjustment vacuum curve (speed) for each product
  • Automatic stop system if desired parameters are not achieved
  • No special „vacuum can lids“ with distance grooves necessary
  • Gasifying with relative excess / low pressure Very low gas consumption as the vacuum bell is slightly bigger than the can itself
  • Easy changeover to other can diameters

Operating Sequence

  • Place can with applied lid on base plate and press electric start-buttons (two-hand-control)
  • Vacuum bell runs out, lifts the lid off the can, evacuates, gasses and seams the can
  • Remove gassed & seamed can


Can diameter:60-131 (V131), 95-200 (V200), 95-275 mm (V275)
Can height::25-230 (V131), 80-335 (V200), 70-285 mm (V275)
Production rate::depends on the product
Power supply:2,7 kW
Compressed air:5 bar
Suction capacity:16 lt/cycle
Weight::appr. 270 - 400 kg (incl. Pump)
Dimensions (WxDxH):900 x 950 x 1500 (-1800) mm


INDOSA V131 (V200/V275) - Semi-automatic vacuum seamer

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