INDOSA matic 100 & Capper

Can seaming machine for welding electrodes

INDOSA matic 100 can seaming machine, especially for closing heavy and tall cans with welding electrodes

  • Fully automatic Can Seaming machine
  • for tin or composite cans with tin-, aluminium or tear-off lids
  • separate station for destacking and insertion of protective cardboards
  • Indexing turret and conical roller table for can positioning on the different stations
  • particular conveyor belt for can in- and outlet against tilting

INDOSA capping system MRA 100 & C100

  • automatic capping device to put plastic caps on the closed cans



Capacity:20-50 cans/min (approx. 20 cans/min with very heavy and tall cans)
Can height:up to 460mm or on desire (standard height 320 mm)
Control:mordern SPS-control with touch screen and networking capable
Air requirement:5 bar - 25 m3/h intake volume


INDOSA matic 100 & Capper - Can closing for composite cans and tin cans

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