INDOSA matic 100 FFCP
(TR2 & AW8-500)

Can filler and seamer with TR2 auger filler and net weighing filler

Compact can filling and seaming machine for various products

  • Selectable auger filler or net weighing filler depending on product
  • Auger filler with integrated checkweigher and automatic feedback control
  • Filling balance for lumpy or delicate products, snacks or coffee
  • Integrated seamer with lid destacker


Product:Powder, granulats, instant products, lumpy products, snacks, sensitive products
Capacity:40 cans per minute (Ø 99)
Can range:Ø 56-Ø 100, all heights
Can type:Tin or composite cans
Room requirement:3m x 2m
Accuracy:Better than 0,5 % (mechanical accuracy 0,01 %)


Auger filler TR2

  • Fully automatic filling machine
  • Integrated checkweigher with feedback control, statistics and outfeeding of inaccurate cans
  • Manual or automatic height adjustment
  • For powder, granulats, instant products, free-flowing products

Net weighing filler AW 8-500

  • product feeding with hopper funnel and dust collection
  • gentle filling procedure without mechanical impact to protect sensitive product consistence

Can seaming machine matic P

  • Excellent can handling and absolute tightness security
  • Lid magazine for automatic destacking of lids and pushing into the seaming station

Up and downstream machines

  • Can cleaning machine with UV sterilization or ionised air
  • Transport and transfer machines as conveyors (FB), unscramblers (ZT) and can turning devices

Highest technology and safety for food industry areas

  • Modern machine design, mainly made of hard anodized aluminium, hard-chrome coated steel and stainless steel
  • Cleanroom qualified FDA execution, ATEX execution available

INDOSA matic 100 FFCP (TR2 & AW8-500) - Fillers and Seamers for cans (integrated)

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