INDOSA matic 100 FGP with INDOSA AW 8/500

Closing machine for glass jars and cans with double net weighing filler

Automatic closing machine for glass jars, plastic containers and tin cans with double net weighing filler.

  • Product feeding with hopper funnel and dust collection
  • Gentle filling procedure without mechanical impact to protect sensitive product consistence
  • Closing machine with automatic screw cap feeder and membrane sealing (if requested)
  • Jar feeding conveyor, tin lid destacker
  • Can seaming station
  • Touch screen with graphical user interface


Typical capacity:up to 50 jars/min. or 50 cans/min.
Typical weight range:50-500g
Filling products:granulates, instant, lumpy products, snacks, etc.
Closures:plastic screw caps and membrane sealing onto glass jars or plastic containers, tin lids on tin cans or composite cans


One machine for all needs

The machine can be changed to any desired product container in minutes.

  • Highest flexibility
  • Modular system
  • Short change-over times
  • Maintenance-free

INDOSA matic 100 FGP AW 8-500 - Filling and closing glas jars, plastic cans, screw capping, glueing, ...

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