INDOSA matic 100 / 131 K2 TR2

Machine for heat sealing of cardboard bottoms onto composite cans

filling machine for powders and granulates

INDOSA matic 100 K2 automatic revolving machine with filling machine


  • Filling machine for powders and granulates with integrated check weighing system
  • Cardboard bottom magazine with destacker
  • Heat-sealing station for centering and presealing the cardboard bottom onto the can
  • Heat-sealing station for pressing and tight sealing the can
  • Conveyor for can inlet and can outlet


Capacity:35-50 cans/min
Can diameter:up to 100mm („INDOSA-matic 131 K2“: up to 131mm)
Cans:normal composite cans with or without aluminium inner liner
Cans Ends:blanked and deep-drawn cardboard bottom with sealing medium
Closing:tight closing through heat-sealing with pressing
Filling:powders and granulates with auger dosing machine


Fully automatic line for filling and closing of composite cans with environmental friendly cardboard bottoms

This line, in its basic structure and conception, is exactly like the thousand times well-proven INDOSA-matic for seaming and filling of “normal” tin or aluminium bottoms onto tin or composite cans. The handling and the capacity hardly differ from a tin bottom seaming machine. Instead of a lid destacker with a slide, a lid destacker with vacuum suction is used while 2 sealing chucks replace the curling chuck with 2 seaming rolls. For the user, the machine is just as uncomplicated and easy to handle as all INDOSA matics. The can manufacturer supplies the cardboard bottoms instead of the tin bottoms - manufactured as well with an appropriate INDOSA tool.

The INDOSA TR2 auger dosing machine is assembled as a filling machine. The TR2 dosing machine can be used in various constructions:

  • dosing with high-accuracy AC servo drive, with control for automatic processing of the data of an integrated or successive check weighing system
  • dosing and/or weighing directly into the can with automatic changeover to counter-balancing, dosing, vibrating, weighing and check weighing as required.

The product feeding into the hopper of the dosing machine can be carried out through various systems, e.g. with a directly built-on hopper funnel or a horizontal feeding auger with level control. For the assembly of adapted product feedings, many standard parts such as flanges, clamping rings, funnels, tubes, telescopic connections, etc. are available in the INDOSA delivery programme.

For dusty products, effective dust exhaust ventilation collections are used at the outlet funnels. An effective dust collection system can be made out for each specific case.

In the INDOSA programme, you can also find suitable transportation devices for empty and filled cans such as depallatizers, conveying belts, rotary tables, accumulation tables, packaging tables, etc.

A few advantages of cardboard bottom on composite cans

  • environmental- friendly, future-oriented
  • cost effective manufacture from environmental-friendly raw materials
  • economical waste disposal (paper)
  • perfect, tight sealing (heat sealed and pressed)
  • can and lid can be lined with or without aluminium inner foil

INDOSA matic 100/131 K2 - Fillers and Seamers for cans (integrated)

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