INDOSA matic 100/131 Twin K2

Machine for heat sealing of cardboard bottoms onto composite cans





INDOSA matic 100 Twin K2 automatic revolving machine with double work stations

  • The double revolving machine consists of two stations of each operation
  • Indexing turret for can positioning
  • Cardboard bottom magazine with destacker
  • Double heat-sealing station for centering and presealing the cardboard bottom onto the can
  • Double heat-sealing station for pressing and tight sealing the can
  • Temperature, sealing time and sealing pressure can simply be adjusted to the material
  • Conveyor for can inlet and can outlet
  • Option: The cardboard bottoms can be manufactured on a cardboard bottom blanking and deep-drawing machine INDOSA KST 131.The blanked and deep-drawn cardboard bottoms are carried to the INDOSA Twin-matic through an air cushion canal.



Capacity:80-100 cans/min
Cans:normal composite cans with or without aluminium inner liner
Can Ends:blanked and deep-drawn cardboard bottom with sealing medium
Sealing:double heat-sealing with compressing




INDOSA matic 100/131 Twin K2 - Fillers and Seamers for cans (integrated)

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