INDOSA-matic 131 proGAS &

Complete Can Filling & Seaming System with integrated Check-weigher

The worldwide most compact can filling and seaming machine
with patented can gassing system „proGas“ for residual O2 level down to less than 2%

This can machine can do it all – better, faster and cleaner!

  • Transport of empty and closed cans
  • High precision filling of powders and granulates, dust-free
  • Survey and registration of all filling data
  • Protocol of all data on PC card or online
  • Seaming of „good cans“ with tin lids
  • Detecting and outfeeding of misweighted cans BEFORE seaming
  • Automatic cleaning of the dust-exponed machine parts
  • Can feeding and guiding system with integrated dust removing
  • Automatic adjustment and changing of machine parameters
  • Easy change-over of format sets for different can diameters
  • Multiple online oxygen sensors for continuous gas value survey



Capacity:Up to 50 cans/minute
Can diameter:Up to 131mm
Can height:Up to 340mm
Filling Volumes:50-2000cm³
Residual oxygen level:Down to 2%
Cans:Metal or composite cans
Lids:Metal lids


Many additional options possible

• Evacuating and gassing of cans
• Turn-over and plastic lid applying of cans
• Cleaning of empty cans, UV-sterilisation
• Cleaning of closures before capping
• Automatic height-adjustments for different can heights
• Dust collector in stainless steel

INDOSA matic 131 proGAS & TR2 - Filling, flow vacuum gassing, seaming of cans

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