INDOSA matic 200 FC TR2

Fully automatic filling machine with integrated check-weighing system for powder and granulates

Fully automatic filling machine with integrated check-weighing system for powders and granulates

The INDOSA TR 2 auger dosing machine is assembled as a filling machine. The TR 2 dosing machine can be used in various constructions:

  • Dosing with high-accuracy AC servo drive, with control for automatic processing of the data of an integrated or successive check weighing system.
  • Dosing and/or weighing directly into the can with automatic changeover to counterbalancing, dosing, vibrating, weighing and check-weighing as required.


The product feeding into the hopper of the dosing machine can be carried out through various systems, e.g. with a directly built-on hopper funnel or a horizontal feeding auger with level control. For the assembly of adapted product feedings, many standard parts such as flanges, clampingrings, funnels, tubes, telescopic connections, etc. are available in the INDOSA delivery programme.



Capacity:up to 50 cans/min
Can height:up to 340mm
Cans:Tin, composite- or plastic cans


INDOSA matic 200 FC TR2 - Can filling - for composit cans,  tin cans, glass jars and plastic  containers

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