INDOSA matic 200 proVac®

The perfect system to evacuate, gasify and seam cans

INDOSA-matic 200 proVac® automatic vacuum and seaming machine

  • Vacuum seaming station to evacuate, gasify and seam cans
  • Integrated de-stacker with lid positioning at the seaming station
  • Station to prepare powdery products for faster evacuation
  • Belt conveyor to supply and deliver cans



Capacity:Depends greatly on the product.
Approx. 8 - 12 cans/min
Residual dissolved oxygen value: possibility of less than 0.5%
Cans:Can diameter: 73 - 200 mm
Can height: up to 320 mm
Lids/Ends:Tin plate or aluminium, easy open-system lids
With or without evacuation dimples


INDOSA matic 200 proVac - Semi-automatic vacuum seamer

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