An allround programme

Modular, compatible, versatile, flexible, traditional

Our product range

Whether it’s tin cans, composite cans or glass containers, milk powder, snacks, oat flakes or tobacco. We focus on the solution for all your packaging needs and offer complete solutions for all sorts and diameters of cans, and for all capacities.

All INDOSA systems are compatible. As an example, all filling systems can be integrated into a seaming machine and vice versa.

Old INDOSA lines can be complemented by new modules with new technologies.


Most modern own manufacture

Ensuring that the parts and modules also fit together perfectly, almost all parts for the machines are manufactured with most modern computer-controlled equipment in the own factory. The lines are then assembledand tried out in the clean and luminous assembly hall as per the order’s requirements. To INDOSA also belongs an own tool manufacturing division, locksmith shop and electro department. 

Semi-automatic machines for starters and small output ranges

Partly the same modules as for big automatic lines are - less enlarged - also used for semiautomatic machines.
In case of need, these machines can then also be extended and automated step by step.