Automatic fillers and seamers
for cans and glass jars

Filler and closer for cans, glass jars and plastic containers

Revolving machine with 12 portion transport wheel. Station for seaming-on of a metal lid or metal bottom, a tear-off lid or patent lid, a „Penny-Lever“ lid or ring etc., onto tin plate, aluminium or composite cans, with station for automatic destacking of lids.

The INDOSA-matic is the basic machine for the modular construction of a fully automatic line from depalletizing the cans over filling and seaming to packing.

Technical advantages

  • Modern, neat machine, mainly made of stainless steel, hard-chrome plated steel and anodized hard aluminium
  • Solid, maintenance-free construction with lifetime lubricated beaerings.
  • High capacity, constructed for continuous industry use.


Easy and quick format tool changing

  • Switching over to other can sizes in minutes by simply exchanging of marked and specially colour-coded format parts.
  • Infi nitely variable spindle sleeve pressure (no progressive spring)

Possibility of later extensions with many additional INDOAS-stations

  • for fillers
  • for tin can manufactures
  • for composite can manufactures

Fillers and seamers (full-automatic) - Products

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