Tobacco Lines

Filling, compressing and seaming machines for tobacco
in tin and composite cans

Fully automatic seaming machine for sealing of environmentally friendly card-board bottoms onto composite cans

In basic structure and conception this machine is exactly alike the thousand times well proved INDOSA-matic for seaming of ”normal” tin or aluminium bottoms onto tin or composite cans. Even the handling and capacity do hardlydiffer from a tin bottom seaming machine. Instead of a lid destacker with slide a lid destacker with suction cup and in lieu of a seaming chuck with 2 seaming rolls 2 heat-sealing stations are in use. For the applier the machine is just as uncomplicated and easy to handle as all INDOSA-matics. Instead of tin bottoms the can manufacturer supplies you with cardboard bottoms, also made with an appropriate INDOSA tool.

It is as well possible to integrate into this INDOSA-matic seaming machine an INDOSA filling machine suitable for your product. Consequently, this automatic machine can in a simple manner be extended to a compact automatic filling and seaming unit.
The INDOSA programme aIso includes corresponding transportation belts, accumulation tables, packaging tables, etc.

Likewise, in case of great need the cardboard bottoms can be manufactured directly from a cardboard reel, using an INDOSA KST blanking and deep-drawing machine.

Some advantages of the cardboard bottom on composite cans:

  • Environmentally friendly, future-orientated
  • Reasonable in price with regard to manufacture and basic material
  • Reasonably priced waste disposal (paper can with paper bottom)
  • Perfect, tight sealing (heat-sealed and compressed)
  • Cans and lids can be lined with or without aluminium inner foil

Cut-Tobacco in cans

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