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Vacuum Flow System proGas®

INDOSA Vacuum Flow System «proGAS»

After 40 years of experience in the development and construction of machinery for the evacuation and gassing of cans, INDOSA has succeeded in making a momentous breakthrough. With this development, INDOSA is taking a major step towards complying with the ever-increasing trend for ”gassed cans for all food products”, and thereby confirms its position as world market leader.
This new process enables the INDOSA can closing machine to achieve perfect gasifying of cans at normal speed. The result is vastly improved effectiveness. The cost-benefit ratio for expenditure and profit can be increased by over 100%. As a result, cans now can be gasifyed without any major increase in costs.

For the first time, tin cans with tin lids and composite cans with tin or cardboard lids can be securely filled (optional), gasifyed and closed with one single, compact and costefficient machine.

INDOSA proGas System

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