INDOSA Vacu-matic 127-4 proVAC
INDOSA Vacu-matic 153-4 proVAC

System to evacuate, gasify and seam cans

INDOSA Vacu-matic 127-4 proVAC vacuum seamer

  • 4 process heads to evacuate, gasify and seam cans
  • Perfect system to produce evacuated, gasified and seamed cans with highest security standards for the best protection of your high-quality products Worldwide unique SCS (Single Can Security) technology
  • all process sequences are independetly controlled and checked Only successfully terminated sequences allows the next process step to be triggered

Technical benefits

  • Each can will be tightly seamed, gasyfied with lowpressure and evacuated in a tight and closed vacuum chamber
  • SCS (Single Can Security) absolute process security through clearly defined and controlled process chain
  • Controlled vacuum valves evacuating speed will be adjusted with various vacuum valves, to achieve optimum speed according to the used product (without extraction of the product)
  • Installation stops on errors and reports notifi cation

Persistent INDOSA system technology

  • Possibility to have a bigger output by integration of multiple machines of the modular INDOSA system
  • Ingenious can distributing system for all active machines, saves room and optimizes speed selfactuating
  • Installation speed results on all integrated machines and will be adjusted automatically
  • Detailed overview of all connected machines and working modules available


Maximal capacity:30 cans/min.
Output depends heavily on:
product, residual oxygen content and vacuum pump
Can range:Ø 73 mm - Ø 127 mm, height: 50 mm - 190 mm
Ø 73 mm - Ø 153 mm, height: 50 mm - 190 mm
Can type:Tin cans, aluminium cans or gas tight composite cans
Lids:Tin and aluminium lids (also ring-pull, easy-open, etc.),
with or without (!) evacuating cams
Low residual oxygen content:Residual oxygen adjustable <0.5% by setting the vacuum point
gassing with N2 or CO2
Low residual oxygen setting reduces process speed (logarithmic!)




INDOSA Vacu-matic 127-4 proVAC - Automatic rotary machines with vacuum process chambers for each can

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